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About me

How it all began

When I first started college I had no idea what I wanted to be. After exploring my options I settled on Textile Technology. Unfortunately, six months before I graduated, the United Status lifted long standing trade limitations with several textile producing countries and suddenly all of my job prospects were moving to Brazil or Asia.

With no time left to switch majors, a friend of mine in Computer Science asked "Hey, want to learn to code?" and after learning the basics I got my first job at the College of Textiles.

...14 years later

I'm a seasoned professional who has worked for Education, Government, Corporate, Small Business and SaaS with skills worthy of being called a Full Stack Developer.

I've won several awards from my peers for the dedication to my craft and I truly find development a rewarding career.

Currently my focus is on infrastructure design in the cloud in addition to development. Moving toward Infrastructure and Management is the next logical step

The only skill you need is to love what you do


North Carolina State University

Period: 1996 – 2002
Qualification: Bachelor of Science

Athens Drive High School

Period: 1990 – 1994
Qualification: Diploma

Skills (View Detailed List)


ColdFusion Development (ALL Versions 6+)
ColdFusion Administrator (ALL Versions 6+)
ColdFusion Frameworks
ColdFusion Migration
Lucie / Railo
Query Optimization
Database Tuning
OO Programming
Prototyping / Wireframing
Third Party Software Integration
LDAP / OAuth Integration


IIS / Apache
Windows Server Administration 2003+
Server/Network Monitoring
Cloud Based Infrastructure Design
Wordpress / Drupal
MSSQL / MySQL Administration
MSSQL Migration


Google Analytics
SEO Tuning
Schema.org implementation

Work experience (16 Years!)

Demos Check them out!

Note: The majority of work I've done has been for companies who would not approve of me sharing that work. As such all demos here were written by me on my own time. I have tried my best to avoid any similarities and no previously writen code was used in the making of these demos. Some demos may look similar because they use popular open source solutions.

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